All About Me: Draco Malfoy Quiz

All About Me: Draco Malfoy Quiz

Should be the Winter Solstice, Hair Colour: Blonde golden to silver Eye Colour: Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy Siblings: An eagle owl and barn owl who bring him things Position: You don’t want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there.

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Rowling needs to tell us if this is true, like, yesterday. Well, Harry and Ron only figured out it was a basilisk when they found the torn piece of paper in Hermione’s petrified hand. The theory stems from a small moment in the movie that didn’t happen in the book: He’s not poor, his family doesn’t discourage learning. He chooses to rip a particular page with a pointed glance out of a book. After all, Indie-band asks, “Why would Hermione, with her love and care for books almost on par with the librarian, rip a page out of a book she could have just checked out?

FAQ: Breakup. Since it’s a popular fic search, here’s a list of fics that involves a breakup When it comes to Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger, one can expect questions to be thrown left and right. Mostly from Hermione, of course. Rated PG, one shot – Hermione and Draco have been dating, there is trouble in “paradise” and.

You could say I got a lot to live up to. Now Percy’s a prefect. Fred and George mess around a lot, but they still get really good marks and everyone thinks they’re really funny. Everyone expects me to do as well as the others, but if I do, it’s no big deal, because they did it first. He soon became best friends with fellow student Harry Potter and later Hermione Granger. Together, they faced many challenges during their adolescence, including keeping the Philosopher’s Stone from Professor Quirinus Quirrell , saving Ginny from the Basilisk of the Chamber of Secrets , saving Harry’s godfather Sirius Black from the Dementors of Azkaban , guiding Harry through the Triwizard Tournament , forming Dumbledore’s Army and fighting in numerous battles of the Second Wizarding War:

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Normalcy was an unrealistic ambition when everyone must return to Hogwarts for their final year after the war. The pretence impossible to continue as all are called on to save the wizarding world – yet again, by law, this time. Harry Potter, M, English, Drama, chapters:

Hermione was just behind him, slight out of breath. There was a strained silence, then Ginny had said in a flat little voice, Well, happy birthday anyway, Harry.

Chamber of Secrets [ edit ] Ginny’s ongoing crush on Harry is evident. When Harry arrives at the Burrow , she promptly runs and hides. As Harry and Ron head upstairs, they briefly glimpse Ginny in her room before she shuts the door, causing Ron to remark that she is usually quite outgoing. Later, when Harry enters the kitchen for breakfast, Ginny promptly spills her porridge. When Harry speaks directly to her, she blushes furiously and puts her elbow in the butter dish, which only Harry notices.

Draco Malfoy appears, harrassing Harry and claiming he revels in the publicity. When Ginny defends him, Draco mockingly suggests Harry now has a girlfriend. Lucius Malfoy , Draco’s father, appears, and perusing Ginny’s second-hand text books, disparages their quality, then returns them to her cauldron. Ginny makes appearances throughout the book, always appearing ill at ease. This is particularly noticeable on February 14th. Professor Lockhart has employed dwarfs to deliver Valentines around the school; one tackles Harry to deliver a Valentine poem apparently sent by Ginny.

In the process, the contents in his book bag spills to the floor, including a book titled, the Very Secret Diary; Draco picks it up, though Harry and Ron reclaim it. Ginny runs off, however, apparently quite upset; we are led to believe it is solely because she was embarrassed by the Valentine poem. When Professor McGonagall announces at breakfast that the victims petrified by the Chamber of Secrets monster will soon be revived, Ginny approaches Harry and Ron to tell them something, but Percy suddenly appears and dismissively interrupts her, upsetting Ginny enough that she runs off.

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Here you will find out all you need to know about Fighter, including some background facts on the main characters. It follows Alexandra Clemmons as she travels all the way from America to her father’s alma matter, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in order to train to become a better witch. On the train ride there she meets Draco Malfoy and soon grows close to him.

Malfoy’s checking you out and smirking, (my god, that boy) and after seconds Harry’s reaction is to try beat Malfoy up, -You always have to pull Harry away even if Malfoy was saying those things.

We haven’t had the time to discuss anything, I didn’t know what to say. We weren’t technically dating. He stepped forward and grabbed my hand. Hermione’s jaw dropped and she looked at our hands again. I haven’t had the opportunity to ask him, since you interrupted. I think he’s nervous that i might turn him down. I glanced at Hermione who just continued to stare at us, then back at Draco.

I smiled at him. He was blushing adorably. He raised his hand to my cheek and leaned in. He pressed his lips against mine gently and I smiled into the kiss. Him doing the same.

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Would you maybe do a Hermione x Reader one shot where the reader gets embarrassed in class because someone outs them for having feelings for Hermion and then Hermione confronts said reader and just fluff and stuff? I have tried to keep this gender neutral so anyone can read this unlike most my posts! Hope you enjoy people!

You tended to worry about her alot. Thankfully however, Hermione managed to turn up for class with just seconds to spare before Snape started his ramblings about wolfsbane. You smiled as you watched her carefully place out all of her notebooks and pencils.

JK Rowling has revealed that she wishes that Harry Potter and Hermione had got together at the end of the book series. She told Wonderland magazine that she put Hermione and Ron together as a whim.

Before they know it, nothing is safe anymore. Not the margarine…or even their own hearts. I know you of old. You want to get engaged? Junior Healers Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger are called in to help find a cure before the virus claims another life. One day she spots some logic in his claims that she and Harry ought to be more than friends. Uncertain how to proceed, she agrees when Draco volunteers to help. A story about second chances. As they unwillingly cooperate to reach safety, attraction and emotions flare up between them.

But what happens when those secrets finally see the light of day? One evening, Hermione Granger catches Draco Malfoy out after curfew in the library, reading the famous works of William Shakespeare. What will happen to the pragmatic brunette as she explores what science cannot answer?

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She learned, at the age of eleven, that she was a witch and had been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hermione began attending the school on September 1 when she was eleven, almost twelve, and was sorted into Gryffindore house First Year At Hogwarts Edit Hermione was a couple of weeks away from turning twelve when she boarded the Hogwarts Express in , where she met Harry Potter and Ron Weasley while helping Neville Longbottom find his pet toad, Trevor.

Hermione demonstrated a knowledge and talent with magic beyond most of those her age, despite having only recently discovered that she was a Muggle-born witch. She wished to be a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw, Hermione in potions clas, and her wish was granted considering she did get sorted into Gryffindor.

She soon proved to be the best in all her classes, eager to please the professors and to help others learn, albeit in a bossy way that made it difficult for her to make friends. Hermione attached herself to Harry and Ron, following them around and trying to prevent them from breaking school rules and getting into trouble.

Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy hate each other. Hermione married and had children with Ron Weasley. Draco married and had a child with Astoria Greengrass.

Hermione’s Shocking Third Year Rating: During Hermione’s third year she finds out that she’s Harry’s sister, Snape’s daughter, and Remus’s goddaughter. Add an escaped prisoner and Dementors and it will be an interesting year. I don’t own any of the Harry Potter characters but I do like to play with them. I know, I really hate it when I pop out a short chapter.

I sometimes wonder if certain chapters are doomed to be short. I would just love to produce a three thousand word chapter but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

If Characters had Children in the Sims 4 – Hermione Granger & Draco Malfoy

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